Hotel Bloom! through the eyes of wereldgenieter Chrisje

Hotel Bloom!

The minute I walked in I knew it… Hotel Bloom! spoils all your senses… A hotel run by a female general manager. So all details are handled with care ūüėČ


Coming out of the parking elevator I immediately smell it… Charming General Manager Caroline Tjeerde nodds: “Yes, we designed our special “Hotel Bloom! perfume”, so that you immediately¬†sense a welcoming atmosphere and forget your stress…“.

Hotel Bloom!Seeing

Instead of running to my meeting I want to sit down and look around for half an hour. Soooo much to see and it is not overwhelming. All the wall paintings (even in the elevator!), chandeleers, hanging bubbles, gadgets are inviting you to take a slow look…


Entering ¬†‘Smoods’ I enjoy wandering around to see the 7 different islands and … hearing the mediterrean soft beats of a DJ performing at the bar. A perfect start of a smooth evening or a well deserved weekend.

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At the ‘blingbling’ island in the restaurant we share ‘before‘, ‘go for more‘ and ‘after‘. A great way NOT to stick to just one dish and experiencing food together… And it tastes great! Just wait for the own baked waffles for breakfast in the oldfashioned foodtruck…

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Hotel Bloom!Feeling

All small and big details make you feel…. pleasantly surprised and slowly¬†relaxed.

like ping pong tables and a pacman corner.

Experiencing Hotel Bloom!

You can choose your room with a unique fresco. Seriously! 287 different rooms painted by young artists. And they keep inviting artists… I never saw, heard or experienced this before… Ever! Even the body lotion has been¬†composed for Hotel Bloom! Ofcourse ūüėČ I felt … well… quite special…

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